Roberto Surace - Joys

  • Ibiza's track of the summer? Maybe.
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  • Defected Records is touting Roberto Surace's "Joys" as the house tune of the summer, and they might not be far off. It's certainly one of the catchiest, which explains why it's still the second-best selling best track on Beatport one month after its release. The best part is the cheery vocal sample—"I'd always choose love"—chopped from The S.O.S. Band's 1986 funk track "The Finest." Surace harnesses the power of crafty sampling, showing that a well-chosen vocal or melody is enough to make a dance floor smash. The lean, percussive groove is likely a big reason Marco Carola, who's been playing "Joys" for months, was an early fan, getting a round of cheers with every drop. "Joys" will still be too cheesy for some, but it's the subtlest summer hit we've had for a while.
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      01. Joys