Âme - Dream House Remixes (Part I)

  • Rampa and Solomun rework tracks from Âme's 2018 album.
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  • The Berlin producer Rampa could be the new golden boy of Innervisions, suggested by his A1 slot on the first of three big-name remix EPs of Âme's 2018 album, Dream House. As one of the core producers behind Keinemusik, another Berlin label that pushes lush, bass-heavy tech house, Rampa's sound has never been far from Dixon and Âme's. Deep (or dreary, depending on your taste) and melodic, Rampa's version of Âme's "No War" beefs up the percussion, stretching the run-time past seven minutes and adding a few breakdowns. With chants, chimes and a deep, melodic bassline, it's meant to be epic, the kind of track Dixon might use to close a set. But on a label that has specialised in grand, ambitious tracks for years, it could've done more to stand out. Solomun's two B-side remixes are spacier. The "Kristian's Vote" version brings to mind Omar-S's "Psychotic Photosynthesis," its bassline snaking under a range of cosmic effects. The "Frank's Vote" remix is more jacking, with a loud clap and more energetic groove. Both feature vocals, which make them more lighthearted than Rampa's version. Use Solomun's tracks to get people on the dance floor, use Rampa's to keep them there.
  • Tracklist
      A1 No War (Rampa Remix) B1 The Line (Solomun Remix - Frank's Vote) B2 The Line (Solomun Remix - Kristian's Vote)