Patrick Topping - Turbo Time

  • Another vocal-heavy hit from a big-room specialist.
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  • It's August, and diva vocals are in (on the Beatport charts, at least). Eight of the online retailer's current top ten tunes have them, whether singing over slamming tech house beats or something (slightly) more subtle. Patrick Topping, who's used some big vocals over the years, draws from them again on his latest main stage bomb, "Turbo Time." It's one of the UK producer's leaner tunes, not much more than a bubbling synth bassline, snappy percussion and soaring vocal sample. Unlike Roberto Surace on "Joys," another current hit with a smart vocal, Topping makes his case with brute force, but that's understandable given the size of the dance floors he plays to these days. Gerd Janson, one of dance music's more reliable tastemakers, is playing "Turbo Time," which suggests that Topping is onto something with this more reduced approach.
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      A1 Turbo Time A2 Let Wa Gan B2 Galaxy Feat. Liset Alea