Afuken - Fabric 17

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  • Recorded in one take using the old fashioned setup of two decks and a mixer, Fabric 17 has been conspired by Marc Leclair, who is more commonly known in music circles as Afuken. This is his first ever mix cd and it follows his artist album from 2002. The mix is quite bouncy early on and has a real minimal tech house flow to it with track such as ‘Karashik’ by Cabanne and the very twisted beats and clicks of ‘Alabaster’ by Pantytec. There is a pretty intense track turnover early on with good overlay of tracks, but then there are tracks that don’t seem to fit in with the overall flow, such as ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Senor Coconut. S-Max then delivers some nice wobbly baselines and twisted effects in ‘Red Fibreglass’, the kind of production that is in fit with the overall mix. Crackhaus deliver a very quirky cut up vocal production in ‘Ample Slacks’ and this is followed by the very chunky ‘Bucolik’ by Mossa. The mix gets slightly tougher late on with tracks such as Horror Inc’s ‘Siamese Twins’ and there is a bit of funk to close the mix out with ‘My Old Lady’ by Steve Beaupre. It’s quite hard to find the words for this mix. It is quite comparable to Craig Richards double CD mix on Fabric, but for me it definitely lacks the cutting edge that mix had. The flow for me is all over the shop, and despite a few good productions, the mix on the whole may be a little too out there for many. While there may be a few here that see this mix as a highlight in the series, I really feel that many more will find it a ‘miss’ more then a ‘hit’.