Lurka - Stay Let's Together

  • Disorienting club tracks, Bristol style.
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  • Benjamin Tregaskes has found a home at the slower end of dance music. His most distinctive tracks, "Beater" and "Heat Mover," hovered around hip-hop tempo. "Stay Let's Together," at 104 BPM, is a high-point for the UK artist. The beat is slinky and elastic, percussive and meditative. The pattern, as disorienting as the track's title, recalls some of the best tracks on the dubstep label Version, though Tregaskes' style is firmly rooted in the Bristol scene, which is heard in the drum sounds that feel like they're being pulled apart. The swung pattern on "Stay Let's Together" is intuitive and natural. The same talent for drum programming shows up on the brisker "Plenty," a bouncy track where the drums slip and side as if they were improvised. (Bonus points for the gleefully tacky snare roll in the breakdown.) At 114 BPM, "Bodied" is somewhere in between. Ultra-high frequencies pair with the sub-bass, playing tricks on your ears. As usual, there's lots of space, funk and heft, a combination that is becoming Lurka's calling card.
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      A1 Stay Let's Together B1 Plenty B2 Bodied