Headie One - Back To Basics feat. Skepta (Floating Points Remix)

  • UK garage meets UK drill.
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  • In February, Relentless Records, the long-running label behind UK garage hits like Artful Dodger's "Re-Rewind," put out a Four Tet remix of "18Hunna" by the UK drill artist Headie One. The original, which reached #6 in the UK charts and features the rapper Dave, was softened and draped in one of Four Tet's trademark shimmering melodies. It felt like a cute coming together of worlds. Now, six months later, another Headie One track, this time featuring Skepta, has been remixed by another electronic musician: Floating Points. But those expecting a cosmic house version will be disappointed. Instead, Sam Shepherd, a big fan of Headie One, flips expectations with a rude UK garage beat, dialing up the energy heard on recent banger "Coorabell." Frequent percussive gear changes cause sparks with the rappers' razor-sharp flows. It should be a hit with DJs, though, like Four Tet's remix, it's worth saying that it pales against the original, whose Nyge-produced beat is a shining example of the fresh and dynamic music at the heart of the UK rap and drill scenes. The hope is that this remix, as well as livening up clubs sets, will encourage Shepherd's wide fan base to go deeper on Headie One and his peers.
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      01. Headie One - Back to Basics feat. Skepta (Floating Points Remix)