Pretty Sneaky - Pretty Sneaky 03

  • Dazzling rhythms.
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  • Pretty Sneaky 03 is the best record yet from this inspired and mysterious white label series, in which each 12-inch, distinguished only by a tiny doodle of a banana peel, presents a different kind of minimalist, dub-inspired beat science. 01 and 02 were dry, groovy and mind-bendingly complex, like Burnt Friedman in skank mode. 03 takes a different tack. It is sinister and cosmic, its countless loops glittering in a vast, pitch-black space. Undulating tones provide something like a bassline, tense hi-hats and sonorous drums breathe life into an otherwise alien sound palette. This strange and immersive composition arrives fully formed in a 12-minute piece on the A-side, then whittled down into shorter, leaner versions on the two B-side cuts. Whoever the artist is, with these records they carry on the tradition of Rhythm & Sound, both in title and in essence: by focusing completely on texture, groove and sense of space, they create something dazzling and strikingly modern.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Untitled 1 B1 Untitled 2 B2 Untitled 3