Roman Poncet - Gypsophila Remixes

  • Margaret Dygas, Efdemin and more remix a 2018 album.
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  • Gypsophila, the first album from Romain Reynaud under his Roman Poncet alias, is worth seeking out if you missed it last year. Whether he's working alone as Roman Poncet or Traumer, or with his frequent collaborator DJ Deep, the French artist has become a dependable source of spotlessly produced techno with a lean towards percussion and humid atmospheres, qualities that the album nicely showcased. Perhaps sensing that it deserves a little more shine, Figure has lined up an impressive quartet of artists to remix tracks from the LP. Given her relatively lean discography and the quality of some of her work, Margaret Dygas might be the most eye-catching commission. She takes on "Gentle Nightmare," the album closer, a track that with no drums and a detailed soundscape is ripe for remixing. Dygas does add drums but, like much of her music, that doesn't exactly make it suitable for widespread DJ use—this is strikingly trippy minimal with a glacial sense of pacing and a luxuriant emphasis on instrumentation. The other artists let it rip. In what could be a turn-on or turn-off depending on who's listening, Echoplex's version of "Hello You" sounds like the sort of soaring progressive house track Sasha would play around the turn of the century. Antigone, whose work most closely aligns with Reynaud's, beefs up the drumless "Atlas" with an incredibly robust groove, although he chooses not to retain any of the original's drama. Efdemin, who's been on great form lately, markedly improves "In Aeternam." The Plastikman-style acid and discordant plucks give character to a somewhat faceless original. Four solid remixes and a fresh look at Gypsophila—this EP is a success.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Atlas (Antigone Remix) A2 In Aeternam (Efdemin Remix) B1 Gentle Nightmare (Margaret Dygas Lucid Dream Remix) B2 Hello You (Echoplex Soleil Remix)