Oli XL - Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer

  • Intricate experiments in rhythm and bass.
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  • Oli XL counts Source Direct and Basement Jaxx among his greatest influences. It's a tough combination to imagine, but it's led the Swedish artist to make music that's difficult to categorise. One comparison that comes to mind is Varg. Though they make radically different music, there are parallels: self-awareness, a sense of humour and an openness to the influence of contemporary pop culture. Swedish electronic music is unique in its embrace of the country's experimental pop and hip-hop scenes. In the music of both Varg and Oli XL, sounds intertwine in a way that rarely happens elsewhere, but feels natural. On Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer, Oli XL's debut album and the first release on his new label, Bloom, he makes music inspired by the UK's hardcore continuum (particularly garage), while also taking cues from contemporary hip-hop, pop, experimental club and IDM. "Mimetic," a track that previously appeared on W-I, Oli XL's now-retired label, captures his sound best. The production is squeaky clean with plenty of silence. There's a noticeable absence of reverb or any other sounds that would make the track sound like it's being performed in anything other than a digital space. This means that when depth is applied, like "Mimetic"'s addictive submarine noise or "Liquid Love"'s echoey pads, it really stands out. Oli XL's own rapped vocals are delivered with a calm, singsong disregard. Then there's the way his drums are programmed, full of reversed noises and glitches offset with teasing syncopation. It's a unique vibe. Despite this exaggerated digital cleanliness and rhythmic experimentation, Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer manages to stay warm and personal. "Clumsy" is a shining example, with saccharine vocals, lush synths and a barely there breakbeat. You feel the pop influence at work during these gentler moments, like the short but sweet "Jet Generation," where Oli XL softly repeats the comically poppy tagline, "Can you be my ringtone? / I feel liquid love." There are flashes of humour, as on the ambient "DnL," which features a sampled voice repeating the words "Boring, lame." Moments like these give Oli XL's music personality and intimacy, but also place it in the present day, tapping into a uniquely internet-age mood of boredom, sarcasm and self-deprecation. If Oli XL lacks anything, it's the adventurousness and self-confidence of artists like Varg. He's sometimes overly cautious in his delivery, and you sense there's space to push some of his ideas further. Experimental dance music producers have often used UK garage and other moments on the hardcore continuum to explore dark, moody alternatives to "clean"-sounding contemporary music. Oli XL leaves the vinyl crackle out, submitting to modern pop's smooth digital lines while retaining a sharp rhythmic edge. Restrained yet exciting, it's a surprisingly sensitive vision.
  • Tracklist
      01. Cygnostik 02. Liquid Love 03. DnL 04. Mimetic 05. Jet Generation 06. Flower Circuit 07. Hesitate feat. Ecco2K 08. Orchid Itch 09. Imposter 10. Clumsy 11. Sniper Baby