Laurent Garnier & Chambray - Feelin' Good

  • Hands-in-the-air house for big moments.
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  • "Feelin' Good," a collaboration on Rekids between Laurent Garnier and the Berlin-based producer Chambray, recalls one of the UK label's biggest records. Released in 2008, "Brooklyn Club Jam," by the US duo Runaway, is a house banger powered by loud, hands-in-the-air piano chords. The same goes for "Feelin' Good," Garnier's first club track in two years. Rolling drums, synth blasts and a twinkly melody add colour, as do several intense crescendos, as if the huge piano line wasn't already enough. It's a classic formula executed well, albeit noisily. When played to big dance floors, it absolutely goes off. The EP comes backed by two remixes from Rekids boss Radio Slave. The first, a solid rolling techno track, completely switches up the mood. It bares almost no resemblance to the original, swapping the piano for percussive clacks, fizzing snares and gentle pads, which, with a minute to go, bloom into shards of light. The vibe is serious, the energy driving. The second remix has much more about it, with a house-tempo jungle break popping beneath the original piano chords. It's got everything you want with none of the unnecessary extras.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Feelin' Good B1 Feelin' Good (Radio Slave Remix) B2 Feelin' Good (Radio Slave Revenge Remix)