Debit - System EP

  • Exciting explorations of tribal guarachero.
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  • The music of Debit, AKA Delia Beatriz, has taken some unexpected turns over a short period of time. Last year's Animus paired eerily beautiful soundscapes with pummelling beats. Love Discipline, arriving a few months later, ditched rhythms for queasy, maximalist ambience. On her latest EP, System, Beatriz channels the triplet tribal guarachero patterns of Monterrey, where she was born. Beatriz's current enrolment in a Music Technology master's degree at New York University might help explain why System sounds so good. "The Alphabet" opens with what might be a croaking, distorted voice before a thudding kick is introduced alongside industrial synth stabs. Slowly, she brings in the swinging, syncopated beat, performed on—or perhaps sampled from—beautiful congas. Tension between lilting, acoustic percussion and abrasive, digitised tones sits at the heart of System. On "Medicine," the balance tips to noise, while "Numbering" is the most light-footed track, skipping while Beatriz toys with pleasingly discordant elements. The music's sway will reverberate through your body long after the tracks end. Each permutation of tribal guarachero hits hard, resulting in Beatriz's most direct, exhilarating release yet.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Alphabet feat. Javier Estrada 02. Encounters 03. My House 04. The Market 05. Medicine 06. Numbering feat. DJ Earl