VTSS - Identity Process

  • Techno with attitude.
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  • VTSS only played her first gig in 2015, but she's already playing headline slots across Europe and South America. She's the breakout star of a new Polish techno scene that revolves around the label and party Brutaż, where she's a resident. Like Discwoman, Brutaż takes politics as seriously as its music. It's steered by an activist ethic and the goal of an inclusive and liberated clubbing environment, in the face of Poland's repressive government. VTSS's previous releases played on an industrial noise inspired psychedelia, drawing comparisons to a wave of artists who have been reinvigorating modern techno through EBM aesthetics. On Identity Process, she manages to up the intensity. Slightly toning down the apocalyptic vibe, these are four tracks in a loopy, ravey style that recalls classic '90s Berlin, a time and place in which music had a similar liberating ethic. There are plenty of stylistic references to various shades of vintage European techno spread across the four tracks, from the insistent trancey basslines to the tightly looped vocal snippets. But there's also so much energy and attitude in the delivery that you wouldn't hold it against her.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Bring The Noize A2 Code Red B1 Sensor 150 B2 Devil May Care Digital Bonus: Safe Location