Schacke - Kisloty Forever

  • Fast techno meets Russian pop.
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  • The St. Petersburg club Клуб ("Club") closed this spring, though the first release on its new label should help it live on. The Danish artist Martin Schacke's Клуб Навсегда (Kisloty Forever) EP was made during a two-week residency at the Kisloty complex. Sampling Russian pop songs, the 12-inch is a loving tribute to a club that meant a lot to many, and a brilliant melding of Copenhagen fast techno and pop. It captures dance music's potential to be ridiculous but meaningful. "Kisloty People" is a good example of Schacke's wizardry. The song's mangled hook actually means something like "acid people," but there's no trace of acid—just rushing, Hoover-like synths over a battering kick drum. "Klub Theme" samples t.A.T.u and the result is immense, like business techno lit up by euphoric melodies. (When RA's Kit Macdonald asked Schacke if he thought about making Eurodance last year, the producer replied "I already have.") This is tonnes-heavy techno with a Cheshire cat smile plastered on its face. Then there's the tender "Don't Look For Me," which samples the Russian group Virus for a Burialesque dip into sad but velveteen ambient, loaded with Foley-style sound effects. It's brief, the kind of track that you wish was twice as long.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ты меня не ищи (Don't Look For Me) A2 Клубная тема (Klub Theme) B1 Кислотный пипл (Kisloty People) B2 Зацени (Check It)