AceMoMa - AceMoMa EP

  • Fresh house and jungle from the New York underground.
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  • Some of the best dance music in New York City happens on weeknights at Bossa Nova Civic Club in Bushwick, where local DJs hold residencies and show up for low-pressure sets. Young artists like AceMo and MoMa Ready are good examples. Any plugged-in New Yorker will know about their sets, which jump between genres and classics. (Also, if you haven't heard AceMo's "Where They At???" this year, have you really been clubbing?) The two artists join forces for the first time on AceMoMa, a breezy EP of house and jungle that lands on the label arm of skateboarding magazine Jenkem. The house tracks on AceMoMa are easy to love, from the bouncy, acid-flecked "Nothing Crazy" to "Ethereal Stepping," where the drums skip over pads that line the track like an overcast sky. A whistle-like synth lead completes the vibe, which is something like a lazy afternoon spent at an outdoor party, lounging with your friends before getting up to dance. It's hard to imagine another track this calm that you could still class as a "banger." AceMoMa dive into jungle and breakbeat on the B-side. "Lucky Number 12" is a pitch-perfect jungle track, with breaks pirouetting over fluffy synths. "Soul Deep Management" is more unusual in comparison. It could be a love letter to classic records on Reinforced and Offshore, labels that pushed jungle and breakbeat music forward. AceMo and MoMa pull off what many take their whole careers to achieve: dance music that feels timeless and fresh.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Nothing Crazy A2 Ethereal Stepping B1 Lucky Number 12 B2 Soul Deep Management