Air Max '97 - Falling Not Walking

  • Distinctive experimental club tracks.
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  • Of all the artists to come out of the global experimental club music boom, the Australian-in-London Oliver van der Lugt took one of the oddest paths. His early work channeled grime and American club styles, but his Decisions label veered off in another direction, planting him in the hinterlands between genres. It's hard to know what to call the music on a record like last year's Nacre LP, where Van der Lugt didn't sound like anyone but himself. Falling Not Walking, however, offers something different: collaborations with two similarly distinctive producers. The result is uplifting and, at best, totally bonkers. The collaborative tracks are good examples of how musical personalities can meld together without losing what makes them distinctive. "Paroxysm," with the Italian producer TSVI (who was responsible for one of the strongest club albums of last year), maintains Van der Lugt's weirdness, but the drum patterns are pure TSVI. Van der Lugt partners with LOFT on "Xhrinicibles" for a banger that's all about tension. It feels like it's trying to hold itself together while the bassline sparks and a chopped break threatens to take over. The two solo tunes aren't quite as exciting, but they're strong. "Falling Not Walking" has a strange, roundabout groove that feels a bit like walking up a descending escalator, while the queasy chime melodies on "Turgor" are an equally nice touch. It's hard to know what to expect from Van der Lugt, which is why his records are always worth checking out.
  • Tracklist
      01. Turgor 02. Paroxysm feat. TSVI 03. Xhrinicibles feat. LOFT 04. Falling Not Walking