Oceanic - Yellow Cone

  • Bold tracks to light up DJ sets.
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  • "Yellow Cone (Unison)," which appears on Oceanic's new EP, is a conspicuous tune. The buildup of its catchy lead synth melody—where pinpricks turn into neon strobes—would dominate any transition. Mixing through the first drop would deflate its catharsis, so time your mix for maximum impact. Make sure to get the preceding track out of the mix before the low-end slingshots under high-passed kicks and the melody erupts like fireworks. That flashy synth is the main attraction, a hyper-contemporary fluorescent voice reminiscent in tone and sentiment of Avalon Emerson's "The Frontier" or Nathan Micay's "First Casualty." These synths are the main idea not just for the "Unison" mix, but for the whole record—it comes with two alternate versions rather than entirely different tracks. The "Solo" version offers a darker, more restrained twist on the lead synth stabs, which take on a dub techno character. The track progresses in surges and flows, withholding the kind of payoff delivered in the "Unison" mix. The "Reprise" version has an even more subdued, smoldering development, the synth only recognizable in serrated lacerations and squeals. While "Unison" is the star, Oceanic's alternate versions are interesting and distinctly modern.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Yellow Cone (Unison) B1 Yellow Cone (Solo) B2 Yellow Cone (Reprise)