DJ Python - Derretirse

  • Brian Piñeyro perfects his "deep reggaeton" sound.
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  • As DJ Python, Brian Piñeyro has contributed a wonderful new sound to American dance music: deep reggaeton. Informed by Piñeyro's heritage and his time living in Miami, deep reggaeton immerses dembow's sensuous swing in lush, spaced-out backdrops. In the New York producer's hands, these beats are meditative. Derretirse takes his music to a new level of deep. Imagine Piñeyro's last album, Dulce Compańia, combined with Warp's Artificial Intelligence series. The six-track EP sits back and reclines like it's in the lava lamp-lit chillout room of a mid-'90s rave. The Python sound has always been dreamy, but Derretirse (or "to melt") is especially so. "Espero" floats in a lake of reverb and echo, while the firmer thrust of "Tímbrame" has melodies that sound like sighing vocals. Even a more percussive track like "Be Si To" has an easygoing charm, serene in its repetition. "I feel like [New York] makes me want to make more relaxing music because it's a stressful city to live in," Piñeyro said in a 2018 interview. His music has the same vibe, overflowing with good ideas but certain in its calmness. "Lampara," where wavy Boards Of Canada-style pads fan out over slowed-down trip-hop drums, is especially appealing. Piñeyro taps into the rarefied air of so many early IDM records, a mix of beauty, nostalgia and melancholy.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Lampara A2 Tímbrame A3 Cuando B1 Espero B2 Be Si To B3 Pq Cq