Gladio - Means To Freedom

  • Legowelt resurrects a cult alias.
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  • Danny Wolfers probably couldn't name all of his projects without glancing at Discogs. Have you heard of Gladio, his "Greco-Roman house" alias? It's OK if you haven't. L.I.E.S., which has released the latest record under this name, describes Gladio as one of his "most cult monikers." Means To Freedom is an unexpected return for Gladio, which we last heard from in 2007. It's among Wolfers' simplest recent releases, with straightforward melodies and rhythms that highlight the grungy brilliance of his early work. Most of Means To Freedom sounds dog-eared and heat-warped, like it could be from the days of the original Gladio records. Whenever it's from, it features Wolfers at his most casual. Moods veer from creepy (the clammy West Coast electro crawl of "Temple Of Pervesius") to carefree (the spaced-out techno of "Olympus Panspermia"), with a stoned, distant quality. The lead-footed techno of "Of Hyperborea" stands out, as does the flinty, 8-bit sound of "Fist Of Gladio," which feels like it was made on some old Amiga or Commodore. As usual for Wolfers, there's a vague quality that brings the best track to life. "De Astra Planeti" is smoky electro weighed down by a tinge of melancholy. Its rugged combination of D.I.Y. aesthetics, humour and technical prowess shows his mad genius.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Of Hyperborea A2 Wild Horses A3 Olympus Panspermia B1 Temple Of Pervesius B2 De Astra Planeti B3 Gladio Is Free B4 Fist Of Gladio