Floorplan - So Glad / I Feel Him Moving

  • Robert and Lyric Hood's next hit? Possibly.
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  • Robert Hood's best tracks now seem to arrive through Floorplan, a gospel-inspired collaboration with his daughter Lyric. Known for big chords and even bigger vocal hooks, Floorplan records don't come often, but every new release hits hard. Catchy techno bombs with a broad appeal, it's easy to see why they they're so popular with big-time DJs. "Baby, Baby" is one of Ricardo Villalobos's favourite tunes, and you can usually hear a few Floorplan tracks on any given weekend at Panorama Bar. Fat, fast and filled with melody, expect the new Floorplan EP to also get plenty of play. "I Feel Him Moving" is the leaner option, rolling with the glide of classic Chicago house. It has the makings of another Villalobos hit, strange enough to catch the twirling shaman's ear but with enough punch to rock a Time Warp dance floor. (The vocals might remind house heads of the Matthew Herbert classic "Got To Be Movin.'") "So Glad" is bigger, with a classic Floorplan-style gospel vocal and a piano-laced breakdown. It's time to learn the lyrics to both of these tunes, because you will likely hear them all summer.
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      A So Glad B I Feel Him Moving