Maceo Plex - When The Lights Are Out

  • Track of the summer? Maybe not.
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  • Maceo Plex superstar status means anything he releases this time of year could be touted as one of the tracks of the summer. "When The Lights Are Out"'s claim is helped by Plex using a diva vocal for the first time (an obscure funk sample, apparently) but it's the only aspect of this track that's refreshing, and its potential is not maximised. The track's base has elements typical of the Maceo Plex/Maetrik sound—droning bass, malfunctioning robotics and a whipping synthetic drum pattern that's been utilised twice already (to marvellous effect) in "Solar Detroit" and "Solitary Daze." Juxtaposing these elements with the vocal and tinkling bell motif makes it more unusual than your typical house track, but it lacks a build and release that might have made it more anthemic and less static. There are some subtle tweaks on the "Late Night Mix," but none majorly distinguish it from the original. Plex is a talented, ambitious producer who could comfortably claim to have produced more than one "track of the summer." "When The Lights Are Out" isn't worthy of the same honour, though thousands might disagree.
  • Tracklist
      A1 When The Lights Are Out B1 When The Lights Are Out (Instrumental) B2 When The Lights Are Out (Late Night Mix)