Kosh - Keep Hope Alive

  • Electro and techno from Morocco's leading crew.
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  • The crew behind Casablanca's Casa Voyager must be happy. Two years since launching, the label's first four releases have all been successful, scoring considerable play from a wide swathe of DJs while accruing Discogs stats that any new label would kill for. Although it's tempting to link the label's preference for breakbeats, early tech house and Detroit-leaning techno and electro to the usual suspects peppering Berlin booths, Casa Voyager feels more of a piece with younger heads who didn't come of age during the minimal house era, highlighting this sound's universal, crowd-pleasing qualities. The nimble Motor City bass on "In A Maze," from Kosh's new EP, was bound to be a winner, with a pitch-bending lead giving an extra edge. It's the sort of audacious sound that will leave some on the fence, but this type of personality is often missing from the works of other producers working in this style. This also makes "Mix 1" stronger than the EP's other two electro-fied options, which hit the right pleasure centres for the Detroit sound without stepping outside the templates mined by others. While staying faithful to the originators, the title track is surprisingly soulful and housey, packed with the reflective qualities of a sure-shot tearjerker for the morning hours. "When The Story Repeats" pulls the same trick, but you can't blame Kosh for playing to his strengths.
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      A1 Keep Hope Alive A2 When The Story Repeats B1 In A Maze B2 In A Maze (Electro Edit) B3 In A Maze (WTF Edit)