Inigo Kennedy & Samuli Kemppi ‎- Catalogue Of Errors

  • Panic on the dance floor rarely sounds this good.
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  • Inigo Kennedy has a special feeling for track titles. One 2013 release had "Cathedral," a cascading techno weapon that seemed to mirror the feeling you get while gazing upwards at some sandstone church's towering stained-glass window. His new collaboration with Samuli Kemppi, another veteran producer specialising in tasteful techno, has "Kernel Panic." Now, panic isn't a feeling you'd want to associate with clubbing—it usually surfaces when you realise something important is missing from your pocket—but there's something satisfying about this track's nervous sub-bass and fizzing synths. Lean and functional, this, and the EP's other three tracks, is music for when it's time to put your head down and dance.
  • Tracklist
      A1 404 A2 Kernel Panic B1 Buffer Overflow B2 BSOD