Hoover1 - Hoover1-2

  • Shed gets political.
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  • There isn't much to celebrate about British politics, but it's been entertaining to watch John Bercow, officially the speaker of the House Of Commons and unofficially a sort of Brexit umpire. In one YouTube clip, he shouts "Order!" in about three or four different personas—sometimes Victorian drill sergeant, other times doddery uncle. He tells one MP, in the most patronising way possible, to "learn the art of patience." You might be as surprised as I was to hear much of this on René Pawlowitz's latest EP. The "Mr. Speaker Mix" combines these samples with classic hardcore hallmarks—piano chord stabs, hoover basslines—in a way that channels early '90s anthems like V.I.M.'s "Maggie's Last Party." The other tracks, "Hoover1-2B1" and "Hoover1-2B2," are essentially nice bonuses—one is a dub of the B2, the other virtually the same as the A-side of Pawlowitz's last Hoover EP. In recent months, Pawlowitz has drawn more directly from the early '90s hardcore that's often inspired his music—Hoover1-2 makes clear how much fun he's having.
  • Tracklist
      A1 HOOVER1-2A2 B1 HOOVER1-2B1 B2 HOOVER1-2B2 (Mr. Speaker Mix)