Yu Su - 泉出通川为谷 / Roll With The Punches

  • Ambient and downtempo for blissful moments of escape.
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  • I recently saw Yu Su play a live set in a backyard in Los Angeles. She laid down gentle loops and quiet instrumentation that seemed to blend with the hanging canopy of leafy branches hanging nearby. At one point, a parrot began squawking. It was hard to tell if the sound was coming from a real bird or was just part of Su's soundscape. It would be an easy mistake to make. Yu Su's ambient and downtempo has a way of hanging in the room, possessing a misty quality that's appeared on records for Arcane, PPU and Genero. On 泉出通川为谷 / Roll With The Punches, Yu Su's music has a new sense of clarity. That's heard on the beautiful opener, "Little Birds, Moonbath," a cascade of arpeggios and strings, each high-pitched pluck snapping you to attention. "Tipu's Tiger," a collaboration with Pender Street Steppers, is the easy highlight, with a twangy guitar lick adding humidity, as does the hand percussion. The other three tracks play with the same elements, ranging from sparse ambient (the luxurious soundscape of "Words Without Sound") to overheated desert vistas (the dubbed-out "The Ultimate Which Manages The Word"). 泉出通川为谷 / Roll With The Punches offers a blissful moment of escape, like listening to a musician interact with birds in a beautiful backyard.
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      A1 Little Birds, Moonbath feat. Michelle Helene Mackenzie A2 Tipu's Tiger feat. Pender Street Steppers B1 Of Yesterday (Instrumental) B2 The Ultimate Which Manages The World B3 Words Without Sound