Andy Garvey - Eternal Recurrence

  • A confident blend of techno and electro.
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  • Andy Garvey, who moved to Sydney in 2012, laments the damage caused by the city's notorious lockout laws, but she's also proud of the way the scene bounced back. "There are more underground warehouse raves and I think that has played a big part in shaping my sound as an artist," she told Hyponik recently. "The interests of the local scene moved towards really embracing the more experimental styles of music." Garvey's sound is a dreamy, sometimes fierce, take on IDM, techno and electro. 303s feature heavily. That's what you'll hear in her DJ sets and on FBi Radio, where she hosts the popular Pure Space show every Monday night. It's also what you'll hear in her productions. Her debut EP, Eternal Recurrence, is strong, displaying a nice range of moods supported by robust sound design and simple yet classy ideas. Garvey doesn't try to do too much. Take the title track, a slice of gentle acid techno. The elements are typical of this music—coiled 303s, airy pads, heavy-duty kick drums—but together they emanate warmth. The drums and acid line are more expressive on "Infinity," the mood, by the end, almost sinister. "Meta Physical," the EP's housiest track, and its standout, dials the atmosphere way back to blissful. The composition's richness conveys an intuitive sense for how to keep dance music interesting, with occasional flickers of percussion to boost the energy. The same goes for the electro track "Protovision," though the mood is grittier and more driving, tempered only by more wistful pads. They're the last thing you hear on this confident debut.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Eternal Recurrence A2 Infinity B1 Meta Physical B2 Protovision