Overland - Forever In Transit

  • Lush experiments in acid.
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  • This is set to be a breakout year for the Vancouver producer Overland. Only a month ago, she released her first EP, Colossal Book Of Mathematics, which featured five tracks of groovy acid techno. Forever In Transit is out on Lisbon's Naive. Overland has a flair for repurposing the sounds of acid, making both peak-time bangers and slower ruminations of broken techno. Forever In Transit shows her versatility. Where Overland's DJ sets are oriented around the hard and fast sounds of industrial, techno and breaks, this EP has, even during its most intense moments, a playful and contemplative energy. The jiggling mass of 303 and 909 sounds on "Anxiety" rises and falls, while the subtle, underwater-sounding background bloops add more texture. The excellent "Virtuous" has a slow, tense build, backed by a manipulated 303 loop. When the beat fully drops in, it feels industrial, sparse and tightly wound around the kicks. The B-side is more chill, but no less dynamic. "Trance Dream" opens up, plant-like, unfurling its filtered synths into a lush, drippy world. "Transit" plods along in the way of recent Eric Copeland tracks, with the wash of Balearic tones and background voices creating the feeling of an intimate gathering, or a moment of pleasant introspection. Forever In Transit makes a fully formed statement of its own, so it'll be interesting to see where Overland takes her acid experimentations.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Anxiety A2 Virtuous B1 Trance Dream B2 Transit