Various - 3024 FYE3

  • A wide-ranging compilation on Martyn's label.
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  • I've always liked compilation EPs, and it's easy to see the appeal to labels. They get to offer a taster menu of their current roster, or introduce a new name in a low-risk environment. These EPs can highlight how wide or coherent the label's sound is. And everyone involved is presumably keen to bring their A game, perhaps in some cases generating friendly competition. Martyn seems quite fond of them. This is the second compilation, or various artists, EP his 3024 label has put out recently, following 3024 FYE 1, which Ray Philp described as one of its "strongest in recent memory." 3024 FYE3 (3024 FYE2 was an EP by Yak) isn't quite as exciting but there is certainly some heat. Martyn goes first. On "Recon" the Dutchman continues exploring the roots of his sound, a process he began after a life-changing health emergency, with a broken garage-techno hybrid that comfortably measures up to "Everything Is New," his banger on the last 3024 compilation. It's a strong track, full of signature Martyn sounds, but the arrival of the organ-like chord progression in the breakdown takes it to an unexpected next level. NKC and Djoser turn to percussion on their contributions. Djoser, who appears to be a relative rookie in the production game, can't quite get the various hand percussion parts of "Wera" to cohere into anything satisfying, but NKC has more success with "Honest Drums," a raw, heavy house track. Leave it to Jacques Greene to deliver the EP's moment of melancholy. "Say Nothing" is at the restrained end of the Canadian artist's repertoire. But its delicate melodies, shuffling drums and a pitched-up vocal snatch bear his hallmarks. Like Martyn's track, "Say Nothing" shows that the post-dubstep years did yield some long-lasting ideas.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Martyn - Recon A2 Nkc - Honest Drums B1 Jacques Greene - Say Nothing B2 Djoser - Wera