Fenomenon - Hourglass

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  • Fenomenon is Kjetil "Kay" Ingebretsen and Havard "Hobie" Rosenberg originally from Stavanger on the south west coast of Norway. Currently at home on the Norwegian label Beatservice and first signing in 2000 with London label Nuphonic, their success has been due to the previous two releases on Nuphonic and the two singles under Beatservice. With subtle disco beats and strong 80’s influences the duo turn out a pop electro affair with Hourglass landing Fenomenon on numerous compilations and playlists. Since their release of the 12" Lucy Said, released on Hi Fi Terapi 03, (1st track on the CD) and the recent Beatservice single "Time" (also featured on the Album) Fenomenon has stayed on the path with their familiar sound of smooth soulful vocals accompanied by mixed up broken beats n pieces with overtones and reference to 80's electro clash tunes. Hourglass presents a style of light down tempo lush tunes, laden with broken beats and the electro vibe of something new taking from something old. Sliding off the CD is "Lucy Said" with hints of a mellow two step tune and squelchy stabs throughout keeping in the soulful vocals which ride on through the track. Sounding like it could of been lifted straight off a Thievery Corporation CD Space Continuum flows out a smooth smokers delight tune that would end up on many a compilation. A radio version of the original Time which is also remixed on the 12" by Landslide (UK) and Ernesto (Sweden - Swell Session) makes a classy addition to the CD with Royksopp and Erland Oye in mind with a faster paced beat with stand out trademark vocals. A cool animated video by Tom Idland is also released with the single. Thomas Dybdahl helps out with vocals on Trouble Takes Flight thrashed with beeps, blips and breaks it sounds a bit like a 80's version of Mr Oizo, twisted but true. Disco beats of Just Pretend and more samples thrown in for good measure, by this stage the album starts repeating its stand on the defined 80's electro but "with new vocals" style. Including a cover version of the Tears For Fears track Everybody Wants To Rule The World it adds freshness to the album mixing it up and creating some memories for all you 80's teens. 01 Lucy Said 02 Space Continuum 03 Time 04 Daytime TV 05 Hypersleep 06 Trouble Takes Flight (featuring Thomas Dybdal) 07 Everybody Wants To Rule The World 08 Restless 09 Just Pretend 10 Sleepy Meadows Of Buxton