Legowelt - Star Simulator

  • Legowelt gets jacking.
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  • You can describe most of Legowelt's music as house, but that doesn't mean it works in clubs. His dense, analogue sound is like sludge, which makes dancing to its grooves a bit like swimming in a whirlpool. Except for warm-up slots, his records don't leave the living rooms in which they're stored. (And wherever there's one record, there are usually plenty more on the shelves next to it—Legowelt has die-hard fans, some of whom buy every release.) But Star Simulator, his new EP for Clone's Jack For Daze sub-label, should spend plenty of time in DJ bags, too. Its four tracks are energetic and pumping, pairing Legowelt's psychedelic side with unusually jacking rhythms. Leave it to Clone to find this golden ratio. Best of all is "Star Simulator II," a swirling deep house track with zaps, handclaps and carefully layered chords. The kind of track that could create special dance floor moments while keeping the energy high, "Star Simulator II" is introspective yet bright, each breakdown never lingering too long. "I Have Seen Other Worlds" and "Deep Magic Begins Here" are similarly jacking, another mess of analogue melodies paired with club-ready percussion. Only "A Destination Awaits"'s scuffed texture feels too hazy for peak-time use, but Legowelt fans will still find a lot to like. The other tracks give Star Simulator an even wider appeal.
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      A1 A Destination Awaits A2 I Have Seen Other Worlds B1 Star Simulator II B2 Deep Magic Begins Here