The Exaltics feat. Egyptian Lover - Exodus

  • Sexed-up electro.
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  • The Jena label Solar One Music is your one-stop-shop for spacey, sci-fi electro. Across EPs from the likes of Gerald Donald, E.R.P. and cofounder The Exaltics, AKA Robert Witschakowski, Solar One has released some of the style's most memorable recent records. A new series called Between Places, started last year for "pure electro," showcases a more direct side of the label. It comes to the fore on Solar One's latest EP. This time, Robert Witschakowski introduces another electro legend, Egyptian Lover. They make a funny duo. The highlight is "I Want You," which pairs Egyptian Lover's sexed-up lyrics with Witschakowski's brooding chords. Witschakowski's percussion is rawer than usual, and there's something weirdly thrilling about hearing Egyptian Lover spout "come-ons" over mournful chords that sound like they're from a Dopplereffekt tune. (The vocoder section at the end is pure bliss.) There's also "Exterminate," a frantic barnstormer with a deadpan voice that repeats the title. Exodus is one of the more peculiar releases in The Exaltics' catalogue. Released as a skull-shaped picture disc depicting a skull full of beetles, it's a curiosity in more ways than one.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Exodus (Prelude) A2 Exterminate B1 I Want You feat. Egyptian Lover