Kölsch And Sasha - The Lights

  • Two giants combine.
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  • Listening to tracks by Kölsch or Sasha is like walking a tightrope: at any moment, the music might become too much, too jarring or sentimental, and throw you off balance. It's understandable—big drops and soaring melodies come with being a globetrotting prog house artist—but exercising restraint can yield stronger results. Take "The Lights," the pair's first collaboration. Primed for peak-time, it's not exactly subtle, but it doesn't go overboard either, with a bright synth line, drenched in delay and let loose over clinical kick drums and metronomic vocal pulses. For the main drop, instead of building up to an ear-splitting crescendo, the track cuts to silence, giving the energy a sharp boost. There's no need for pyrotechnics if you can execute catchy ideas well. The "Dub" is leaner, more driving and, as a result, doesn't add much to the release. If anything, it's too restrained—without the original's epic melody, the composition feels bare.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Lights 02. The Lights (Dub)