Paula Temple - Joshua And Goliath

  • Intense, powerful techno.
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  • "Joshua And Goliath" is the first taste of Paula Temple's debut album, Edge Of Everything. As you might expect from a producer who spent years "ruminating on the healing powers of harsh noise," the track feels like the sonic equivalent of a wrecking ball smashing through a burnt-out warehouse. But the music is also nuanced, with more moving parts than you can count. The "Techno Version" could be one of this year's techno anthems, its wailing melody entwined with feelings of melancholy and hope. The track is only four minutes long, as though Temple is daring DJs to be creative. (Temple's own sets are famously technical, flying through dozens of tracks an hour.) Produced as a tribute to freedom movements around the world—its title is a homage to Joshua Wong, a student activist from Hong Kong—this tune is intense yet touching. The "Slow Version" gives DJs more elements to work with. The groove is on the verge of disintegration, but there are extra melodic components—strings, bleeps and whirs—at play, which makes it prime for use by creative DJs. Joshua And Goliath is only available digitally, which means there's no excuse for not putting your own twist on these razor-sharp tunes.
  • Tracklist
      01. Joshua And Goliath (Techno Version) 02. Joshua And Goliath (Slow Version)