The Fall Collection mixed by Josh Wink

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    20 Sep 2004
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    Resident Advisor
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    October 11, 2004
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  • The Fall Collection, apart from being the first compilation since the Ovum Sampler release back in 1997, is a tribute to the past decade of the Ovum Records sound. You get a great evolutionary snapshot of Josh Wink's label, and this includes some of their best releases to date. Each of these tracks featured were previously only available via Vinyl releases. Kicking off the mix sees the great tribal drum heavy, yet somewhat sweet soothing vocal intro from the Rulers Of The Deep. It gets even deeper from there with 'Klugh' from Alvarado, setting the pace for some more banging house tunes quite early on before passing over to the nice funky vocal stuff that makes up the major part of this compilation. Highlights for me include Josh Wink's 'Sixth Sense', the electro tinted 'House' by Steve Bug, Mirage with 'What's The Message', Universal Agents with 'West Of Athens', and Yann Fontaine's 'Hand in Hand'. I could go on, but I'll cut myself short and point out the obvious - that this CD is full of quality house music featuring a great variety of sounds, from subtle jazzy bar type grooves to booty moving house music. It is not groundbreaking, or something different unique and unusual - but it's not trying to be. The Fall Collection provides some nice tasting icing for the Ovum Records' 10 candled cake! It covers a broad range of house music from the early days of the label to its more recent releases and generally speaking is just a great collection of tunes. Definitely worth considering for fans of the Ovum trademark sound, Josh Wink and house music in general. Tracklisting 01. Rulers of The Deep – Elu On Mi Ulu 02. David Alvarado – Klugh 03. Aaron Carl – My House (Dennis F Rmx) 04. Wink feat. Ursula Rucker – Sixth Sense (Booty In The Butta Mix) 05. DJ Dozia – The Ritual 06. Alexkid – On My Mind (Llorca’s Akoophunk Mix) 07. Sam & Gigi – On The Edge (Blakkat Dub) 08. Steve Bug – Houze 09. D’julz – Acid Tricks 10. Mirage – What’s The Message (Mirage Dub) 11. Universal Agents – West Of Athens 12. Yann Fontaine – Hand In Hand 13. DJ Stryke – Perfect Love (Blue Diary Ambient Interlude)