Dan Ghenacia - The Egg

  • Three lean house tools from the much-loved Apollonia camp.
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  • Apollonia, AKA Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom, deliver a mix of big-room tech house and more tasteful minimal stylings through their productions, DJ sets and self-titled label. The latest Apollonia release, a three-track EP from Ghenacia titled The Egg, is also a mixed bag. "À La Coque" is an expert tool that demonstrates Ghenacia's deep understanding of what keeps dance floors moving. It's a simple track, but it has everything it needs to deliver a hypnotic, engrossing groove. The mood is trippy yet unassertive, suited to sustaining energy during a set's calmer moments, while the drums are tough enough to hold their own against flashier tracks. The drums on "Sunny Side Up" aren't as satisfying. The kick feels flatter and the hi-hats patter delicately rather than clatter, as they do on "À La Coque." There's more instrumentation, but while the elements—piano, synth, pads—are effectively used, they feel slightly stale. Still, it's a fine track to use on a simmering dance floor. "Mykonos Heuvos" doesn't cut it, though it's not a total stinker. The drums and bassline are as bumpin' as "À La Coque," and gentle psychedelic flourishes and percussive embellishments keep things interesting. But that tambourine and reversed pad never stop—not for one bar. Ghenacia doesn't change the loop or slap an effect on the synth, which makes it seem like he didn't labor over the track for long. The makings of a good tune are there, but the devil is in the details.
  • Tracklist
      A1 À La Coque B1 Mykonos Heuvos B2 Sunny Side Up