Karima F - Schloss 002

  • Immaculately made house and breakbeat.
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  • It can take just one special track to push a career to the next level. Karima F, who runs the label Schloss, has been a resident at Oslo's Jaeger and has DJ'd around Europe for a couple of years. But "Random Loop From Doepfer Site," the lead track on the Norwegian's first EP, may just push her further upwards. What starts as a simple breakbeat pattern steadily piles on details—including a throaty loop that sounds like a revving engine—until it boils over with an addictive organ lead, just when you thought it had reached cruising altitude. Karima F's skill for arrangement is clear across Schloss 002. New elements appear and develop naturally, timed for maximum dance floor impact, like that organ lead on "Random Loop From Doepfer Site," or the moments when everything cuts out on the loose, minimal house-leaning "Ossa," leaving little more than the bassline to wriggle around. "Two Eggs In A Hammock"'s whimsical arpeggio closes the EP with a delicate mood, its pitter-patter broken beats landing in unexpected places without knocking the track off course. All three tunes are simple, effective and immaculately constructed by a DJ who knows exactly what her sets need to go off.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Random Loop From Doepfer Site B1 Ossa B2 Two Eggs In A Hammock