hmurd - Boycott Ethical Consumption

  • Advanced experimental club music.
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  • hmurd builds ultra-complicated, arrhythmic noise with elements of EDM bangers. It's the logical next step in a post-club music world that has been so deconstructed that you can barely call it dance music. Where pioneering hi-tech noise artists like Sophie and A. G. Cook take drops and build them into overwhelming, hyper-dynamic electro-pop, hmurd gets the opposite effect from the same process, destroying the music's forward momentum. Boycott Ethical Consumption, arriving on London's TT (formerly known as Tobago Tracks), opens with "Clip That [Clubmix]," which chokes on its own rapid-fire cutups and dysfunctional beats. "Stack Disarray" trudges along a painfully glitched assemblage of jammed signals and irregular beats. There are elements of the generative, live-coded approach of algorave, along with an analogue warmth. "Shepard's Delight" is the standout track. It slices the endless motion of a Shepard tone to create a dance rhythm that leads nowhere. Boycott Ethical Consumption's presumably ironic title is accompanied by the company logo of the famously unethical food and drink company Nestlé. It's as if hmurd is tearing apart any notion of decency and politeness, so we can go back and start again.
  • Tracklist
      01. Clip That [Clubmix] 02. Stack Disarray 03. Shepard's Delight