Tomi Chair - Tropical Imagination

  • Dreamy house and ambient soundscapes.
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  • On Tropical Imagination, Tominori Hosoya returns as Tomi Chair for an EP of dreamy house meditations and ambient soundscapes. Though he moves freely between the two aliases, Hosoya has used Tomi Chair for his deeper dance floor tracks. Tropical Imagination, however, is centered around lush, atmospheric instrumentation. The title track is probably the most consistent with previous Tomi Chair tracks, as rippling pads and hand drums eventually give way to a deep house kick. (The "Dream Version" of "Tropical Imagination" is an understated piano rendition of the same song.) Hosoya once said he was inspired by "warm and emotional essences." He leans more into these ideas on the rest of the EP, stripping away the beats to explore expansive composition, guided by the delicate sounds of a piano. While on "Dream Version" the piano is a focal point, it's less prominent on "Heat Exhaustion." The elegant synths shift between foggy tones, the piano returning only as a motif. "We Are Here" chugs slowly, opening up to chimes and nature soundscapes that are gone too soon. Tropical Imagination isn't groundbreaking, but it's compelling to hear a producer who came up making clubbier styles set a mood so well.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Tomi Chair - Tropical Imagination A2 Tomi Chair - Tropical Imagination (Dream Version) A3 Tomi Chair - Heat Exhaustion B1 Tominori Hosoya - We Are Here B2 Tomi Chair - Heat Exhaustion (Francis Harris Reform)