Om Unit - Violet

  • High-definition breaks meet new age.
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  • There's often a proggy, new age side to Om Unit that doesn't do his music any favours. We had sentimental themes of healing and Jungian symbolism on 2017's Self. There was also 2013's Threads album, where what would have otherwise been a powerful selection of deep, tactile footwork and jungle-inspired bass music was lost to euphoric elements bordering on trance. But despite the fluff around his music's edges, Jim Coles's strength still lies in the massive breaks and basslines from his dubstep days. "Righteousness" opens Violet with that kind of intensity, as a wobbly synth line struts in a frenzy of distorted beats. The momentum drops at "City Lights," which drifts into what would be groovy downtempo if not for the sharp breakbeats. The track's nu-jazz connotations are reinforced by the odd echo of a saxophone and lingering keyboard chords. "Shackup" builds to a more vivid example of Coles's signature "slow/fast" layering. Closing the EP are a pan flute, elevated choral patches and a murky male vocal rising from the drum & bass rhythm on "Sleeping Dragon."
  • Tracklist
      A Righteousness B City Lights C Shackup D Sleeping Dragon