Lory D - Play With Deaf Cats

  • High-energy acid for Modeselektor's label.
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  • Seilscheibenpfeiler must have one of the strangest release schedules of all time. Modeselektor's Sebastian Szary began the label in 1994 and released a single record, Sc Vol.0 by Fundamental Knowledge, an alias of Szary and an artist called Dr. Rhythm. It then returned last year after a 24-year break, embarking on a run that saw it release seven records in six months, which included a digital rerelease of that original record and one of the biggest club tracks of 2018. The label has moved so quickly that it's already revisiting Lory D, the artist who released the first new music on Seilscheibenpfeiler back in June. They've also invited back Marcel Dettmann, who contributed a nice edit of a track called "Sbinson." His edit of "Globe" here isn't quite as good. It's heavily loop-based, like its predecessor, but it merely ghosts by in a vaguely unsettling five minutes. However, the Lory D tracks are stronger this time. You always know you'll get variations on a deranged, high-energy acid sound from the veteran Italian artist, but the breadth of the tracks this time is especially pleasing. "Mantrosax 2" is one of those clinging-to-the-edge-of-sanity acid bangers that Lory D often nails. From the first beat to the last, the 303 runs rampant, with just enough space for a melodic loop in the background to further fuel the sense of trouble. The other two tracks are geared for club damage, but through different means. "Bass And The City," unsurprisingly, pivots on an enormous bassline, while "Mazesku" has a cascading bundle of arpeggiated synths that show a lesser-seen lighter side of Lory D.
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      A1 Mantrosax 2 A2 Bass And The City B1 Mazesku B2 Globe (Marcel Dettmann Edit)