Modeselektor - I Am Your God / Bronko

  • Giant, synth-fuelled techno.
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  • This new double A-side single from Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary is a taste of Who Else, their first album in around seven years. If this release shows what's to come, expect giant, synth-fuelled techno with the odd inane vocal performance. Otto Von Schirach's appearance on "I Am Your God" is a shame actually—the colossal beats and synth arpeggio below him are some of the best-sounding Bronsert and Szary have written. The sustained chord's transformation into a dramatic progression in the breakdown is a classic Modeselektor move. But Von Schirach's heavily distorted cries of "I am your god!" are impossible to ignore, especially as they build to a brain-rattling crescendo. (It's not clear if it will appear on the album, but the track Bronsert and Szary released last month with Flohio, "Wealth," was a far slicker collaboration.) By dialling things back, "Bronko" winds up as the more powerful track. Its breakdown still aims to bring an arena of people to their knees, but when the crackling arpeggio returns it's with some craft and guile, something that's also true of the duo's control of the noisy rhythm. After approaching 20 years of releasing music, it's clear Bronsert and Szary are still excited by the possibilities of the raw dance floor experience.
  • Tracklist
      A I Am Your God feat. OVS B Bronko