Bergsonist - Heat

  • Abstract techno meets synth pop.
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  • Bergsonist, a New York-based producer with a degree in fine arts, is one of the scene's more versatile up-and-coming acts. Since 2016, her EPs have touched on Jeff Mills-style bleep techno, piano house and electro, most of which has the DIY feel of someone who makes a few tracks every week. Heat, a new EP for Optimo Music's Digital Danceforce series, broadens her range even further with three hard-to-place tunes. Somewhere between house, techno, electro and synth pop, it's catchy yet abstract, not unlike Machine Woman's gritty workouts. And like Machine Woman, Bergsonist doesn't seem too concerned with engineering her tunes for prime-time club play. Many of her tracks wouldn't sit easily in a DJ set alongside conventional house or techno. Heat's title track is among Bergsonist's best productions. It has the crawling groove of slo-mo deep house, but the melodies and vocals, supplied by Bergsonist, have hints of synth pop. (It's probably why Optimo, a duo known for such sounds, released the track.) Best of all is the brief hand-drum loop that rattles around the high-end, recalling the upbeat flourishes common in Luciano tunes. "Affiliation" is less rhythmic, instead focussing on synth textures and tones. Then there's "Planetary Systems," a spluttering mass of syncopated drums and electro-style pads. Bergsonist has said that she's torn between industrial and experimental sounds, and rhythm-focussed house and techno. Heat, especially its title track, finds her edging closer to a golden ratio between those two worlds.
  • Tracklist
      01. Heat 02. Affiliation 03. Planetary Systems