Stef Mendesidis - Klockworks

  • Analogue techno endorsed by Ben Klock.
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  • Stef Mendesidis released a fairly solid run of music across 2014 and 2015, on digital labels Minitree and Energun, and then went quiet for a few years. It's possible that the Greek techno artist, who's based in Moscow and is active in the Russian scene, was hiding out in the studio working on his craft: Cyborg, released early last year upon his return, was the best EP he'd put out. Its tough 137-BPM grooves could've been what caught the ear of Ben Klock, who now releases Mendesidis' latest record through his Klockworks label. The fast, minimal style of Cyborg seems to have inspired Mendesidis, and he returns to it here. These three tracks were apparently recorded in one take on analogue equipment, and they show both the pros and cons of the approach. "Gendarme Classe A" is pretty faceless. Its mini-breakdown is effective, with a horror-movie string line rearing up against the drums, but it otherwise lacks dynamism. "Valley Of Machines" is equally simple, but its harmonious synth parts elicit plenty of warmth and soul. During his DJ sets Klock sometimes does a side-to-side shuffle when he's feeling a track, something that's easy to picture listening to "Senzo." Its sharp drum loops, repeated vocal sample and timeless synth stabs embody the type of energy his performances are built on.
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      A1 Valley Of Machines B1 Gendarme Classe A B2 Senzo