Pistol Pete - Orphan

  • The Bristol label does lo-fi house.
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  • You might not expect it from Idle Hands, a label known for high-def club tracks, but Pistol Pete's sound has a lot in common with lo-fi house. His tunes, until now spread across a handful of niche Swedish labels, are fuzzy and easygoing, cloaked in the same haze that covers the work of artists associated with outlets like Lobster Theremin and Shall Not Fade. There are also plenty of feel-good melodies, like the one on "Orphan," the A-side from his new EP of the same name. It's a fairly standard modern house track, with a cheery set of keys dancing between tape hiss and blunt drums. The lo-fi touch also means that fans of Idle Hands, a label known for sharper sounds, might have trouble placing the track in their sets. "Lundagatan" and "Esqpads" explore a similar aesthetic with scuffed textures and melodies. The swinging "Esqpads" holds the EP's most interesting rhythm, a bottom-heavy lurch peppered with soft synth tones and faraway diva vocal. It's the EP's most original cut. Even so, it's another strangely conventional track from a label known for more thrilling sounds.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Orphan B1 Lundagatan B2 Esqpads