Suciu - Motive

  • Music for sunny afterhours on the Romanian coast.
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  • Suciu is from a recent generation of DJs and producers offering their take on Romanian minimal, the distinctive and hypnotic form of house and techno that's been coming out of Bucharest since the mid-'00s. On Motive, his third EP for Frankfurt's Pressure Traxx, he sticks to his bouncy, bass-heavy style. Percussion has been a standout component of Suciu's tracks. The skipping, shuffling and evolving drum pattern on "Motive" shows us why. As the layers and sounds build, it's hard to tell which drums are programmed and which might be sampled. It's the sort of track that you can imagine the likes of Rhadoo weaving into a three-deck mix over ten minutes. On "Jungleism," Suciu is in a lighter mood than usual. It's based around a deep bassline and an array of glitches and beeps, but these cold and skittish noises somehow combine to create something warm and comforting. It's made for sunny afterhours on the Romanian coast.
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      A Jungleism B Motive