Cinthie - Trust

  • Colourful house on Will Saul's resurgent label.
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  • Cinthie, a Berlin-based house producer, is a great match for Aus Music. Aus Music, helmed by Will Saul, specialises in colourful, groove-led tunes. The label's previous few releases, beginning with Youandewan's Ideal-Passage, have been its best for some time, presenting an upbeat style not weighed down with the overused sounds—familiar pads and melodies, extended breakdowns—that have dampened some of its discography. "Trust," the lead track from Cinthie's new EP, is the best example from this recent wave. A twinkling slice of functional house, it's a versatile track that will appeal to a range of house DJs. Its seven-minute, straight-ahead groove feels tailor-made for German nightclubs, the track not building up or down very much, save for the subtle central breakdown. Some diva vocals sweeten the mood but never become the focal point, which remains the shimmering synths and xylophone-like melody for the full seven minutes. The shamanic "Lost At Sea" is more percussive, as shakers and random synth squiggles dance above a thumping four-on-the-floor strut. "Hip Sing" kicks a touch harder, pushing a classic house mood with sustained chords and a twilit vibe. It's the deepest moment on an EP that's helping Aus Music get its groove back.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Trust B1 Lost At Sea B2 Hip Swing