Nathan Micay - Never Rhythm Game / Team Player

  • The artist otherwise known as Bwana closes out the year with another solid EP.
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  • It's not taken long for Nathan Micay, formerly known as Bwana, to establish himself under his given name. "First Casualty," from August's Whities 017 EP, was deemed one of the best tracks of the year, and his Beats In Space mix, which came out in July, was among our favourites of 2018. Where "First Casualty" was raw and emotional, the mix showed a more playful side, a vibe that Micay carries through to his latest two-track EP on ESP Institute. "Something fun and purely for the club, a concept I've always struggled with in the studio," he said. Listening to the EP, it sounds like these struggles are a thing of the past. Both tracks are tougher and darker than we've heard before, though "Never Rhythm Game," with its hectic yet harmonious composition, feels of a piece with the Whities EP. But instead of lush and teary, this time the sonic world has a sinister edge, full of police sirens, air-raid horns and stringy acid lines. "Team Player" is meaner still, and more of a departure musically. Electro drums push against a thrumming bassline while eerie synths twinkle over robotic vocal utterances. It's a killer track to cap off a killer year.
  • Tracklist
      A Never Rhythm Game B Team Player