FJAAK - Drugs EP

  • Artless tool or goofy banger?
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  • FJAAK might be the cheekiest group in techno, so if anyone was going to call an EP Drugs, it's them. As you might guess from a techno record with that title, it's straightforward and banging, pushing a sound that works on the dance floor but doesn't have much depth. That said, these aren't bad tunes. It's easy to imagine the title track appearing in a Marcel Dettmann set, building up and down as the kick drum hammers below a mangled synth loop and vocals that include the phrase "I know you'd like to take some more drugs." Artless tool or dumb banger? What you decide might depend on your mood. There's more to like about "Quilmes," the other four-on-the-floor tool. Its main melody, a trancey riff that could've come from a '90s techno classic, is better developed, wriggling atop a motorised pump. "3XL," a droning broken-beat track, feels somewhere between Rrose and Shed. The synths are psychedelic and twisted, while the thundering break is the kind of thing you might hear Zenker Brothers play. Drugs is an EP for big dance floors and DJs with a sense of humour. After Seilscheibenpfeiler's smart records, it's OK to have something goofy.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Drugs A2 Quilmes B1 3XL