Alex Smoke - Remix EP

  • Tale Of Us and Mano Le Tough remix tracks from the Scottish artist's most recent album.
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  • Tale Of Us seem to like Alex Smoke. In 2016 they remixed "Dire Need," a track from his album Love Over Will, and they now revisit the album with a new version of "Fall Out." It's easy to understand the Italian duo's interest. Love Over Will was an earnest, atmospheric record heavy on melodies and melancholic vocals. In other words, the sorts of themes Tale Of Us explore in their own tracks. The original "Fall Out" didn't have any beats, but its potential for a club version was obvious. Tale Of Us therefore don't have to do too much. They lay its harp-like synths over a live-sounding beat, deploy judicious verses from the vocal and write one of those emotional basslines that Innervisions, the label behind this release, like so much. (Innervisions boss Dixon apparently edited the remix but the label decided his involvement was light enough not to officially credit him.) If these are moods you explore in your DJ sets the track is worth checking out, but for me the Mano Le Tough remix of "Dust" is more compelling. It brought to mind one of those tightly coiled DJ Koze productions like "Mariposa," and it shares his knack for ambiguous emotions. The soft percussive touches, reversed synths and choice of snare are all particularly nice. It won't bring the house down like Tale Of Us's remix, but played at the right moment it could quietly be powerful.
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      A Fall Out (Tale Of Us Remix) B Dust (Mano Le Tough Remix)