HTRK - Dying Of Jealousy

  • Intoxicating tracks dealing in themes of desire and alienation.
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  • Dying Of Jealousy, the latest single from HTRK, deals in themes of unhealthy desire and modern alienation. Nigel Yang's guitar, which made a comeback in July's Drama EP, leads Jonnine Standish's eerie, deadpan vocal through a drizzle of drums and effects. The title track launches straight into a pulsating drum sequence that's underscored by a guitar line saturated in delay. It feels lethargic. The same goes for "Summer Rain," which also bubbles without an obvious intro section before fading out just as mysteriously. This is a little-discussed signature to HTRK's style. By moving quickly in and out of tracks, the focus is on mood—not narratives that follow classic song structures. Each track, like the two here, is a window into an intoxicating feeling.
  • Tracklist
      01. Dying Of Jealousy 02. Summer Rain