Acronym & Korridor - Untitled

  • Ethereal ambient resurrected from cassette.
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  • Vaagner exists in a niche inside of a niche, a label that represses ultra-limited and obscure cassettes onto vinyl. Their third release is proof of its potential. Only the most diehard Northern Electronics fans will even be aware of the tape this record is sourced from, which was given away in an edition of 20 during a show 2015 in Lithuania. Turns it out was worth rescuing. The two tracks from the tape are among the most absorbing work from Acronym and Korridor. The main tracks on this record are a 14-minute ambient excursion and a liquid techno workout. The ambient track is the highlight, floating through pulsating, noisy sections before dissolving into luxurious kosmische. It's written with a painstaking sense of pacing and atmosphere unbecoming of a 20-edition cassette, so calling it beautiful feels like an understatement. This stands up to any of Acronym's best ambient-leaning works, which any techno head knows is a tall order. The eight-minute untitled B-side has a forceful rhythm, though it's no less ethereal, where heavenly pads and snares are blurred by reverb, like raindrops blotting a windscreen. Then there's the new track, "Sscending," taken from the same time period, which reclines into the majesty of the A-side, unfurling in gauzy waves of dub, with the percussion hidden behind layers of mist. It's a welcome bonus on a record of widescreen ambient techno that's too good to be buried in someone's tape collection.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Untitled B1 Sscending B2 Untitled